Practice Management Software for Cosmetic Surgeons

PatientNOW is a practice management software that has many benefits for cosmetic surgeons. By switching to an EMR or practice management software, you can cut costs by spending less on paper and other products, and provide a more high-tech, streamlined way for your staff to keep track of patients. Imagine never having to keep paper files in your cosmetic surgery office and instead, having a full database of your patients at your fingertips at all times. Practice management software has proven to help cosmetic surgeons run their office more smoothly because of the following reasons:

  • Fast electronic access to all patient files, shared by all staff members
  • Quickly schedule appointments, check patients in and out, and collect co-pays
  • Give patients the option for automated appointment reminders
  • Electronic signatures
  • Easily track diagnostics and labs
  • Create your own email marketing campaigns
  • Easy access to insurance billing and online referrals

As a cosmetic surgeon, you understand that staying ahead of the curve and implementing the highest technological advancements in your practice is essential. Your patients appreciate it when you stay on the forefront of technology, both in your procedures and in your office practices. By using practice management software, you can increase your patient satisfaction and safety by having instant access to all of their medical information. This allows you to answer questions faster and more sufficiently when patients ask you about records or results over the phone.

This way you can ensure that your patients receive the most advanced services,

and they will be impressed by how quickly you can have access to all of their information once they walk through the door.

PatientNOW is proud to be able to offer every facet of EMR technology specifically for cosmetic surgeons. Like others of its kind, including Cosmetisuite practice management software, Patient NOW provides cosmetic surgeons with electronic access to medical records, appointment setting and tracking, lab reports, automatic check in and check out, and much more.

If you are a cosmetic surgeon and you’re looking for a way to better run your practice, while making things easier on your staff and patients, please consider Patient NOW.  To learn more about our practice management software or to see a demo, please contact us today.