Email Marketing

Start by choosing a concept – an event, special offer, or new procedure – and then design your e-blast. Determine your target audience: do you want to send the e-mail to every patient or a specific group of patients? Next, launch your e-blast at an opportune time and measure the results.

patientNOW integrates with Swiftpage to offer a wide range of email marketing solutions.

  • Design beautiful full color emails
  • Email your entire patient base, or target specific groups
  • Announce events and specials with style!

Email blasts should make up a significant portion of your marketing efforts. They’re easy to develop and extremely effective. With tools from patientNOW, your office can send thousands of email blasts in minutes.


You’ll rapidly gain new subscribers to your email list when you set up Online Registration with the Patient Portal. patientNOW tracks the patients that have subscribed to your email list and constantly updates the list with any opt-out requests.


Advanced reporting tells you who opened your emails, how many times the email was opened, which links were clicked on, who the email was forwarded to, and what time each event occurred. These details are used to generate follow-up lists for your coordinators.

How to Be Successful in Email Marketing

The most successful email marketing campaigns convey a simple message that entices your subscribers to seek more information. With each email campaign, you should motivate your prospective patients to:

  • Call your office
  • Click a link to your website
  • Email your patient coordinator