Prescription writing has always been an area of much debate between physicians, pharmacists and patients. Taking the extra time to decipher a physician’s handwriting may sound like a feasible resolution. Contacting the physician (if available) to discuss the prescription is also an alternative. But there is any easier way to ensure that everyone knows what is being prescribed – and it takes less time than writing out the prescriptions by hand. It’s electronic prescription writing.

How RxNOW Works

With RxNOW, your practice can streamline the prescription process by automating the process of writing and tracking prescriptions. You can easily build a list of common medications (drug, dosage, notes, etc.) your practice prescribes and a list of local pharmacies as you are writing your first prescriptions. After that, you can select a pharmacy and add medications with the click of a button.

RxNOW displays current and past prescriptions, so you always have quick and accurate access to patient prescription information. RxNOW will alert you about drug interactions and drug allergy warnings, including precaution warnings for geriatric, pediatric, pregnant, and lactating women. Specific medication instructions can also be entered into a note field.

Once you save a prescription it goes into the prescription history so you always have easy access to patient prescription information. Then an actual prescription document is created and automatically files into the patientNOW chart.

With one click of the mouse, you can print a prescription-style paper or fax the prescriptions and refills directly to the pharmacy.

patientNOW has obtained approvable status from the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy as an electronic prescribing system