Gift Cards

Gift cards are a constant reminder in your patient’s wallets to come back in. Credit card sized gift cards with your branding are sold through your patientNOW system, can be reloaded, view purchase history and are payment type in the patientNOW point of sale system. There is no monthly charge for using this service. Just purchase the gift cards.

patientNOW EMR For Your Aesthetic Medical Practice

We’ve included several features in our Medical Records Studio package with plastic surgeons in mind – after all, a certified plastic surgeon did help create it. Specific templates can be prepared for each patient’s own unique laser treatment, injectable procedure, tissue expander, breast implants, liposuction procedures, vitals, health history and more. Forms can be completed in your exam room using a laptop or tablet PC. All data goes directly into patientNOW, eliminating the need to complete paper forms during or after the consultation. Plus, patients tend to prefer filling out a form electronically over an iPad for example, rather than on a sheet of paper attached to a clipboard.

Medical Records Studio™ helps your practice stand out from the competition by giving you the tools you need to provide your patients with an unmatched level of service, and it comes with one full year of maintenance. Review our technology requirements to see if this is right for you.

  • Get your practice running more efficient than ever with the features loaded in our Medical Records Studio™ 7.0
  • Stop letting prospects slip through the cracks with our automated PAR™ system, designed to turn inquiries into returning patients
  • Send out customized eBlasts based on the type of patient and offer rewards points and specials for loyal patients