Medical Notes

Creating good medical notes often takes longer than the actual patient visit. patientNOW Encounter Notes are designed to provide accurate notes that can be completed while you are with the patient. You should be able to eliminate or reduce dictation with patientNOW.

Creating medical notes with patientNOW has a natural flow. Use your tablet pc or laptop computer with any of following means:

  1. Encounter Note templates
  2. Referral Note Templates
  3. Snippets of data
  4. HPI questionnaire
  5. ROS questionnaire
  6. Image library
  7. Photos
  8. Data point templates
  9. Chief complaint
  10. Procedure
  11. Surgery
  12. Problem
  13. Coding template
  14. Electronic Signature

patientNOW is delivered to you with many standard templates ready for use.
When selected, each template is automatically populated with data from patientNOW.

Create notes by any one of these or combinations:

  • Template
  • Typing
  • Hand write
  • Voice recognition
  • Dictation