Patient Review Management

Your internet savvy patients already help market your practice online, affecting your profile and reputation both positively and negatively. As a result, you face two important questions as a doctor — how do I maximize the effects of positive reviews for my practice and minimize the effects of negative ones or convert those negatives into positives?

You have already responded to a huge challenge and threat to your practice’s performance by implementing an EMR workflow, providing optimization at every stage of patient care. Now you can leverage that same implementation to help manage your practice’s reviews as efficiently as your patients.

A patient review workflow can automate the capture, qualification and triage of this data, putting it to its best use. Qualified, positive reviews can post prominently on all your social media channels, including your website, Instagram and Facebook, and reviews which necessitate additional patient care can return to your follow-up list.

Like your EMR-supported workflow, most patient review workflow features will work automatically once you have configured them and will continue to work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without missing a single qualified review. You can think of a PatientNOW EMR with a Patient Approved® patient review workflow like a personal, around-the-clock marketing assistant.

No reviews mean no risk, right?

You may ask, do I need a patient review management tool if I have very few reviews? In today’s internet economy, having no or very few reviews presents a major risk factor for any practice, whether new or well-established.

Prospective patients want information — both positive reviews that highlight your practice’s strengths and also reviews which show how your practice handles problems when they occur.

All reviews, even negative ones, can positively support your practice, but having no reviews leaves prospects interested in your practice to speculate about your performance history.

Before you can make reviews work for you, you have to have reviews

A PatientNOW EMR supported by a Patient Approved® workflow helps capture all reviews your patients leave for your practice, even if they leave them on sites other than your own. More reviews mean more reasons for your patients to select you for their care and more information for you to better manage your practice.

PatientNOW with Patient Approved® makes it easy for your patients to leave reviews, capturing their feedback from a wide variety of devices and even on paper. By offering many ways to leave a review, you will get more reviews and the most accurate view of your practice, the view your patients have.

However, not all reviews have high-quality information. For this reason, the PatientNOW Patient Approved® workflow carefully vets reviews it receives, eliminating reviews which do not contain factual information or which provide a rating (positive or negative) without supporting details. This step ensures you have actionable information of quality and accuracy, further increasing your and your patients’ confidence level.

How To Get the Most From Your Reviews

Good reviews can only benefit your practice if prospective patients can access them. You want your reviews where the greatest number of people can see them, and today that means online, on social media platforms such as Facebook as well as on your website and doctor search engines, such as Patient Approved®.

PatientNOW with Patient Approved® can publish reviews on all your web and social media accounts making sure prospects don’t miss a positive review and that you target the audiences you most want to reach. These sites also make it easier for patients to share their own experiences, reviews and news about your practice with others.

The Patient Approved® seal also provides one of the clearest indicators of a high-quality, reputable and patient-focussed practice group. Based on data vetted and compiled from your reviews, a Patient Approved® seal on your websites communicates your patients’ trust in your practice in a way that’s recognizable across the industry and which can directly lead to increased practice earnings.

Can unfavorable reviews hurt my practice?

An unfavorable review can harm the reputation of your practice if you do nothing about it. A negative review which receives the attention of you and your practice and which you work to remedy, however, can benefit your practice. A poor review can provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate that you stand behind your patient care and your patient’s well-being.

A PatientNOW EMR with Patient Approved® immediately alerts you to these reviews — you can even receive updates via text — allowing you to continue care until you have a satisfied patient who will recommend and refer you. Your responsive to issues can tell prospective patients more about your practice than positive feedback alone. You can only demonstrate your patient commitment, however, if you know when issues arise.

Reviews communicate your most valuable asset — your reputation

A patient review management tool allows you to take advantage of the organic marketing that arises from your day-to-day patient care. By gathering and publishing verified reviews, you can benefit from one of the best kinds of marketing available, the unbiassed testimonials of your current patients.

Positive reviews on social media start a conversation between your existing patients and your prospective patients that brings attention to your practice and its unique specialties and can also confirm the success of your other marketing initiatives.

Correctly identified and actioned, even reviews indicating problems can help you improve your practice workflow and patient care, allowing you to convert those reviews into ones which can ultimately benefit your practice and marketing efforts.

When you can use every review posted about you to promote or improve your practice, you will see greater financial returns, measurable practice improvements and more satisfied patients. To see these wins, however, you must be able to channel the information you already have. A PatientNOW EMR with a Patient Approved® workflow provides you the tools you need to do that.

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