BioSpa’s Story

“We have been using PatientNOW for more than ten years. Compared to all the electronic medical records we’ve tried in the past, PatientNOW is the most user-friendly. It’s scalable, it’s customizable to fit all of our needs.”

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“We’ve recommended this system to a number of colleagues and it will allow them to use their practice like we do. Every year there is something new we are able to use PatientNOW for that makes our office life much easier.”

“Anything from checking daily closes, to tracking our monthly goals. The marketing dashboards are a really nice tool to have. They make it really easy for us to pull reports to see our top referrals sources. Or our top leads and where they are coming from. It is nice to know what sells more and which product stays on the shelf.”


“Overall, it has cost us much less than the other medical systems in the past, so I think PatientNOW is a winner.”

“I use PatientNOW for everything, from checking in a patient, to checking out a patient, invoicing, and quoting. As well as communicating with the nurses, doctors, and all of our providers.”




“I love patientNOW. We have evolved so much with it and we will continue to use it for many years!”

“You can customize it to fit ALL your needs. For me personally, I love the medical record aspect of it. I can put in my templates, I can do my operative notes, and I can personalize them.”