Grant Stevens, MD

With 30,000+ patients to stay in
touch with, patientNOW makes
running my practice and managing
revenue easy and well-orchestrated.

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I have recommended PatientNOW for many years…
It facilitates a very smooth patient-provider experience…
It helps practices grow.

“It streamlines the practice,” Dr. Stevens shares, seamlessly bringing the individual doctors in his practice together. “We have a number of patient providers here…and PatientNOW is easy for all of us to use simultaneously.” It also helps keep patients on track. “PatientNOW communicates with my patients and reminds them of upcoming appointments which decreases the no-show rate and increases my entire practice efficiency.”


The nice thing about PatientNOW is targeted marketing and
reports on patients that make my life much more efficient.

PatientNOW helps Dr. Stevens’ practice minimize no-shows, easily monitor which surgeries patients have had and suggest appropriate follow-up procedures when it makes the most sense for his patients.




PatientNOW is the ONE system that powers my entire universe — all from the palm of my hand.

“It can keep my financial records, my patient appointments and all of my patient records together in one convenient, easy place,” Dr. Stevens reports. PatientNOW lets his practice work with “maximal efficiency” while remaining “easy to use.” PatientNOW’s rich feature set offers Dr. Stevens tangible benefits. “I get to do what I want to do, and that is be in surgery doing operations.” Dr. Stevens concludes, “I’m a huge fan of PatientNOW.”