2019 Training Webinar Schedule

Every Tuesday 10:30am – 11:00am MT

Join us each week as we take you through all the in’s and out’s of the PatientNow system teaching you to be the expert.


1/7 – 5 minute Dysport Note

  • Learn how to complete a Dysport treatment note in 5 minutes

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1/14 – Building Document Templates

  • Review on how to build document templates and load them into patientNOW

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1/21 – Patient Registration Fields

  • Learn how to hide and require fields in the patient chart, add patient window, and on the patient portal.

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1/28 – MyAppointmentNOW

  • Review on how to setup your online schedules and setup schedule blocks for your providers.

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2/4 – PatientNOW Invoicing Basics

  • Learn the difference between immediate sale and pre-paid packages.
  • Learn how to build invoices and check out patients
  • Short discussion on patientNOW’s merchant solution options

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2/11 – Surgery Quoting, Invoicing, and Scheduling

  • Review how to create quotes for patients and easily move quotes into an invoice.
  • Learn how to schedule surgery appointments.

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2/18 – ReportNOW – Conversion & Retention Reporting

  • Learn how to pull Inquiry to Consult and consult to treatment reports
  • Review how to pull appointment specific retention numbers
  • Learn how to manipulate the ReportNOW Pivot tables to get the specific details you need.

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2/25 – Adding Images to PatientNOW

  • Learn how to add images to your patientNOW Image Library
  • Learn how to add these images to your provider encounters notes for charting
  • Learn how to set default images for the Injectable and laser treatments tabs in clinical info

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