2020 Training Webinar Schedule

Every Tuesday 10:30am – 11:00am MT

Join us each week as we take you through all the in’s and out’s of the PatientNow system teaching you to be the expert.



3/3/20 – How to Add New Users

  • Learn how to complete a Dysport treatment note in 5 minutes
  • How to add a new provider into patientNOW

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3/10/20 – Refunds in PatientNow

  • How to refund products and services to patients

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3/17/20 – Adding Products and Services

  • How to add new products and services into your patientNOW database

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3/24/20 – Schedule Configuration

  • How to change a current provider’s schedule
  • How to add a schedule for a new provider

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3/31/20 – Loading Document Templates

  • How to load consents, encounter notes, and emails into your patientNOW database

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4/7/20 – SMTP Settings

  • Learn what the SMTP Settings are and how to keep them updated.

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4/14/20 – Payments Report for EOD

  • How to use the Payments report for your End of Day Close

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4/21/20 – PatientNOW Shortcuts

  • Learn how to use the patientNOW Report shortcut features
  • Learn how to configure and utilize the Favorites button

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4/28/20 – PatientNOW Shortcuts

  • Learn how to use the new patientNOW Gratuity/Tips feature.

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