We want you to benefit from every feature of PatientNow.  That’s why we include remote training sessions in the software purchase price, to have your practice fully EMR-capable in a very short time.

You can learn to use the software on your terms, based on your schedule.  Just decide when you would like to go live with PatientNow and plan the training accordingly.

You will be assigned a dedicated trainer to assist you in configuration and staff instruction.  For a plastic surgery practice, training can be completed in 24-32 hours, depending on whether the insurance billing module is included.  For a medical spa, training is typically completed in as little as 16 hours.

Training Your Staff

We encourage all staff members and providers to attend all trainings to have full system knowledge.  But there is also the option for staff to learn only their job-specific areas.  For example, your front desk can be quite capable after learning features such as scheduling, demographics, scanning, and interoffice communications.  Training for those features can be completed in just 2 hours, so it’s easy for your staff to hit the ground running.

Training: Where and When

Most practices will use our virtual training session via GotoMeeting.  We also offer on-site training for an additional fee, which basically covers the cost of our travel to your location.  As stated, you decide the timeline for training dependent on your timeline goals to launch PatientNow.

Supplemental Training Opportunities

If you are already using PatientNow and still have several hours of unused training time, you can use it for new employees, making templates, or becoming more proficient with the software.  We also regularly attend medical industry tradeshows.  Check the events page to meet with us during a show and see a demonstration.

PatientNow is a robust, feature rich system that is surprisingly easy to use.  The intuitive design of our software makes it easy to transition into using EMR.  We have seen many practices go live after their first training call.  Contact us to learn more about training and support included in PatientNow.