• Automate your practice
  • Manage your patient’s experience
  • Capture more patients
  • Retain more patients
  • Grow your practice revenue

Why Choose PatientNow?

At PatientNow, we empower elective healthcare practices to delight patients, do what they love, and thrive!

Our founder spent two years in a plastic surgeon’s practice to design a software product specific to an aesthetic medical practice. For over eleven years we have been upgrading our software to meet the needs of aesthetic medicine by listening to the suggestions and requests of our physicians and their staff that has resulted in an EMR software product that also includes practice management and a patient engagement system designed to capture prospects, retain current patients and grow your practice revenue.

PatientNow is an automated system that can help your practice go paperless, provide you with the tools necessary to run an efficient business, and an automated follow-up process that will free up staff from manual tasking enabling them to provide more patient service. Our automated workflow will complement your practice and help you provide an Exceptional Patient Experience.

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ManagingThe patient experience

  • Whether you specialize in plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology or have a medical spa, we understand your business and the challenges you face in time management. If you and your staff are spending hours each day with paperwork or sitting in front of a computer you’re not spending time in the specialty you were trained for. Manual tasking is time-consuming and takes you away from your patients. Prospects may be slipping through the cracks due to a lack of follow-up. Patients may not want to return for further treatment if they feel they aren’t receiving the attention they are looking for. You may not be receiving referrals from these disgruntled patients either.

    PatientNow is designed to get you in front of your patients and to develop a relationship that leads to patient loyalty. Our software systems will free you and your staff from manual, paper-based tasking and save you time.

    Your practice will become paperless, be more efficient, provide a more professional and personal patient experience. No more fumbling with paper charts, instead you will have the convenience of an electronic medical record where it is easy to find notes, pertinent information, charts, photos and more all with an easy tap on your tablet.

    PatientNow enables you to manage the patient experience from inquiry through their procedure of interest. You will also have access to reporting that will tell you where your business is at. Comprehensive reporting will give you the pulse on what procedures, treatments and products drive revenue in your practice. Inventory and point of sale automation will keep you in product and take the worry away about inventory levels and will even help prevent theft.

  • It starts with a prospective patient inquiry. They contact your practice about a holistic concern and your staff can engage patientNOW to provide personal automated follow up that informs the prospective patient about their procedure of interest, information about your practice and credentials through branded and customized email or text communications. This automated follow-up will continue from inquiry to consultation and then from consultation follow up to procedure or treatment of interest. It doesn’t stop there, the automated follow-up can continue post op with customized communications that keeps you in touch with your patient. This follow-up can schedule post-op follow up appointments and even send birthday emails that elevates you and your practice in the patient’s experience and helps to build a long term relationship.

    It is like having a new staff member with a perfect memory totally dedicated to converting patients from inquiry to advocacy. You will spend less time on missed opportunities and more time focusing on providing each of your patients with a positive and life-changing experience so they will feel comfortable returning and recommending your practice to their family and friends. An efficient aesthetic medical practice will enable you to help more patients and at the same time capture more revenue.

  • From a business perspective, electronic medical records and practice management systems have been proven to lower costs, increase revenue, improve efficiency and enhance the quality of services to patients. The array of products will enhance not only the patient experience but also your staff and you as a provider. The patient will be impressed from their first inquiry and be especially pleased with their first visit to you practice.

    Their consultation will be completed before they even get to your office because they can fill in their personal and medical information from the comfort of their home using our secure and HIPAA compliant patient portal. No paper forms to be filled out when they get to their consultation. In the consultation, you can focus on their aesthetic concerns showcase before and after photos to educate and excite the patient on how you can change their life.

    Our photo management software can help you explain the benefits to the patient with injectables, laser or surgical procedures. Photo simulations can engage the patient and demonstrate explicitly how you can help them. You can produce a quote and turn it into an invoice even before the patient leaves your office.

    Automation is the key; when the prospective patient leaves the office an automated branded and customized email or text will follow up and provide details on the procedure or treatment of interest. This automated follow-up will continue through the procedure of interest to post op appointments and reminders.

    For your staff, they will be freed up from manual tasking such as calling patients to remind them about appointments or entering the personal medical information for first-time patients.

    No more time wasted on paper, entries, manually managing inventory or sending out mailers. The interface between your patient’s and your staff will improve as they have more time to focus on the patient experience.

    For you the physician, you will also have more time to focus on your patient’s experience. From scheduling, to consults and procedures or treatments, you’ll be automated and increase the efficiency of your interface with your patients and have more time to personalize their aesthetic experience. You’ll eliminate paper costs and free up storage space, manage your inventory and never run out of product while protecting against theft at the same time. You can attach photos, pictures, videos and audio files to patient records and export documents quickly and easily just to mention a few of the functions of patientNOW software.

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“We can customize it to fit every one of our needs.

Larry S. Nichter, M.D.
Pacific Center Plastic Surgery

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Benefits To Your Patients, Staff, and Yourself

Your patients will find it easy to interface with you and your practice. They will know what is involved in their procedure or treatment of interest and the cost. You can provide them with education on you, your practice and your credentials electronically. They will find your automated follow up system easy to deal with and feel they are receiving a personalized experience. In short, they will have an Exceptional Patient Experience. Your staff will likewise find it easy to interface with your patients and enjoy the automated workflow that eliminates manual tasking which in turn frees up more of their time to pay attention to clients. Your staff will enjoy increased efficiency and job satisfaction which results in less staff turnover.

For you, the practicing physician, the benefits are numerous. You will realize increased patient satisfaction that leads to more patient retention and growth as well as patient referrals. Staff satisfaction results in increased practice efficiency and productivity. Most importantly, you will realize increased practiced revenue and that leads to your personal satisfaction. Isn’t it time to let patientNOW help you to capture more patients, retain more patients and grow more revenue?

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