Trends in Modern Medicine: How Advanced Practice Management Software Can Help You Scale Your Practice

Scaling your health and wellness practice is good for you, good for your employees, and good for your community. 

As your practice grows, you’ll be able to serve a larger volume of patients, which can translate into a better standard of care for patients and their families.

Many practices aspire to grow their practice but face practical limitations when it comes to staffing and administrative challenges. 

The larger the practice, the harder it can be to manage patient records, scheduling, billing, and the other tasks associated with running a medical center.

Practice management software can help you overcome these limitations and move you toward limitless potential. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through how practice management software can help scale your practice and expand your reach, all without sacrificing high standards of patient care.

Productivity Management

The best practice management software will monitor staff productivity and optimize the workflow of your administrative personnel. 

Supervisors can use these tools to monitor employee behavior, identifying time-stealing activities, and highlighting areas of improvement.

Alternatively, it may also indicate areas where you need to shift workloads to ensure that your staff operates in sync, with no one feeling burnt out or buried beneath their workload. 

This data can guide you in future staffing decisions, revealing areas that are more critical—or neglected—than others.

Scheduling Tools

Practice management software will also feature scheduling tools that allow you to manage staff and streamline patient scheduling through automated communication and reminders. 

PatientNow’s software provides the following scheduling features:

  • Room and equipment reservation
  • Individual providers scheduling
  • Appointment type differentiation
  • Waitlist management
  • Automated patient reminders
  • Synchronization with Outlook and smartphones

In many cases, these scheduling tools will allow your practice to increase customer retention rates, providing a growing list of regular clients. 

Customers themselves will appreciate the automated reminders, helping them stay on top of their medical appointments with ease and convenience.

Document Management

Make paper files a thing of the past! Practice management software allows you to organize all patient documents and medical forms under one software platform.

Providers and authorized staff can access patient records from this centralized storage location, saving both time and the space required to store physical documents. 

PatientNow relies on a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform, offering the highest level of privacy and security in the industry.

Payments and Cash Flow

Process payments easily through the financial module built into today’s practice management software. 

These modules reduce the time and frustration once associated with your financial processes, allowing you to provide estimates and process payments faster than ever before. 

RxPayments provides both hardware and software to accommodate the ability to pay in the room, text to pay, or keep a card on file for patient payments. This scalable solution offers highly competitive rates.

Customers can pay in person using a card reader device that integrates seamlessly with their file, allowing you to manage their records easily.

Data from routine financial reports can provide insight into your practice’s cash flow, showing you periods of growth and contraction that can be planned for or even leveraged to enhance your profitability.

This insight will be all of the more important to practices looking to expand. Practice management software can minimize the chances of unpaid bills and enhance your ability to collect payment more rapidly than ever before.

Let’s transform your practice together!

Customer Reviews

Managing your online reputation is an important part of your public relations strategy since many prospective customers prefer to research medical providers before their first visit. 

Customer reviews can be a crucial deciding factor, which is why it’s important to manage these reviews carefully. One bad review can turn off many potential patients. 

Put customer reviews under your control with practice management software. PatientNow, for example, engages patients immediately after their appointment, which is when patients are most likely to leave a positive review.

This system will also allow you to solicit reviews to be posted popular sites such as Google Reviews, Yelp, Facebook, or other third-party platforms. 

Finally, you can boost your online reputation by integrating 5-star reviews into your marketing campaign, sharing customer experiences through social media or email, along with your website. 

This approach keeps the spotlight shining on patient experience and builds credibility across your customer base.

Integrated Services

How much time do you waste talking to pharmacists who can’t read the prescriptions you’ve written by hand? Even if your practice relies on a computerized system, data entry can still leave you vulnerable to human error. 

PatientNow offers an ePrescribe feature so that providers can quickly select medications and send the prescription to the patient’s pharmacy. 

The practice management software also allows providers to cross-check for drug interactions, ensuring the highest level of patient safety.

This automation also means that practitioners can receive lab results with increased accuracy and faster than ever before. 

Patients will experience a higher level of satisfaction when they have faster access to their test results, and this can likewise increase the total number of patients your practice is capable of treating.

Digital Marketing Tools, Including Reporting and Analytics

A medical practice consists of a lot of moving parts. Keeping all of the pieces working in sync is critical to your success. Practice management software can provide on-the-spot or scheduled reports that cover every aspect of your clinic. 

These reports can reveal information relating to such areas as:

  • Employee productivity
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Patient demographics
  • Revenue cycle

Taking the time to review these reports can show areas in which your practice could improve. These reports can also reveal cyclical trends you hadn’t noticed before, allowing you to plan your digital marketing accordingly. 

This information will prove crucial to your practice moving forward, allowing you to expand and grow while remaining mindful of how your practice typically operates.

Scale Up but Keep the Hassle Down

PatientNow provides the digital tools and platform needed to optimize your health and wellness practice, strategically positioning you to grow and expand. 

Schedule a demo today to explore the features our software can offer. Or contact us to discuss how your team can customize our digital marketing tools to the unique needs of your clinic.

See how PatientNow can improve your practice’s vitals.

The industry’s only complete solution to managing all aspects of elective medical practices, built specifically for today’s modern medical landscape.
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