Electronic medical records companies are companies that offer Information Technology (IT) to doctor’s offices, hospitals, medical labs and other healthcare facilities. The programs offered by these companies perform a variety of functions such as data storage, billing, scheduling, financial analytical tools, electronic medical records management, practice management, and several others.

A successful electronic medical records company enables a facility to reduce their current file storage areas by utilizing advanced scanning techniques to upload a multitude of data into an end-user mechanism which that particular organization uses. After converting to electronic medical records, a facility is easily able to access medical records at a much quicker and more efficient pace.

Additional ways electronic medical records companies assist medical facilities include:

  • technicians and physicians are able to search and retrieve records in seconds
  • off-site back-up of all files
  • reduce off-site storage costs
  • save records to a network
  • reduce clutter in work areas

If you are seeking a better way to organize your data and your day, electronic medical records companies can give you a systematic, organized, and effective way to accomplish these tasks.

Finding the Right Electronic Medical Records Company

When you look for a job, what are the characteristics of a company that you want to apply to work with? If you are business owner, what is the image that you want your company to convey? Apply the same thought process when researching electronic medical records companies. Whether you are employed as a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, medical spa partner, or associated with any medical facility really, you are always seeking a better way to organize your data and your day. Selecting the perfect electronic medical records company can give you a systematic, organized, and effective way to accomplish these tasks.

There are many electronic medical records companies to choose from. So how do you choose the right one? Finding for a great company to partner with means your staff won’t be inundated with papers to file, it means no more waiting for misfiled test results, and no more asking for reports and sign-offs from the lab. But the most important factor, a demand only few from a long list of companies have been able to successfully implement, is decreasing the amount of time your patients wait for treatment or results.

An Ideal Electronic Medical Records Company

PatientNow is an innovative healthcare technology company that creates practice management and EMR software for physicians such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas and others. Medical practices that use paper and antiquated software are slower and less efficient. PatientNow provides numerous solutions to bring your medical practice into the modern age. With PatientNow, you can create, store, and search for crucial patient information electronically, replacing your existing paper files and placing many high-tech tools at your fingertips.

Before PatientNOW, a surgery practice or medical spa would use multiple software systems or paper scheduling books and paper files to accomplish what PatientNOW delivers. PatientNow is easy to use, learn, and install. Compared to other electronic medical records companies, PatientNOW is the affordable solution that offers simplicity, functionality, and flexibility to meet the needs of your office.

If you are interested in learning more about PatientNOW, we encourage you to schedule an online presentation.