Patient Portal

With the ever-growing expectations of the information age, the latest and most efficient practice management systems are online, fully-digitized and interactive. Among the many innovations made possible by PatientNow‘s exclusive practice management tools, the unique MyPatientNow patient portal allows patients to conveniently enter their own medical history and information, saving the time normally spent filling out tedious paperwork in the waiting room before their first visit. The patient-input option also helps to reduce inaccuracy and saves time for office staff as well. For those patients opting to stick with the traditional hard-copy method of completing paperwork, the patient portal forms can also be easily printed from any Mac or PC device.

To ensure complete privacy, patients create a login and password to their own private portal on MyPatientNow. All access functions are guaranteed secure and are also in accordance with strict HIPAA privacy regulations. For their convenience, wherever patients choose to access MyPatientNow—from their PC, Mac, iPad or other mobile device—they can take comfort in knowing their information is safe and protected on the Web.

Once a patient’s basic information has been entered on MyPatientNow, they have the ability to return to their account via 24/7 access to view their records and edit their stats. The dashboard features user-friendly navigation to patient information, personal medical history, and more. This design also allows medical staff to quickly and conveniently reference patient allergies and medications and insurance information, as well as signed releases and other consent forms with signatures still outstanding.

To see a demo of the patient portal in action or to hear what other clients have to say about using MyPatientNow, contact PatientNow for more information.