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    Hosted by President & Co-Founder of RxMarketing, True to Form is a regular podcast that features leaders who are making headway in the aesthetic, anti-aging and elective medical industries. Tim Sawyer is a two-time Inc. 500 entrepreneur and a highly regarded faculty speaker for 28+ medical associations.

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    Host Tim Sawyer chats with returning guest Warren Danforth about the state of the economy and the current macroeconomic factors facing both consumers and practice owners. While demand for aesthetic treatments remains strong, the rising inflation, shortage of workers, and federal rate hikes are bringing a sense of uncertainty for the future. Tune into this episode to hear insight from successful medical spa owner, Warren Danforth, and what he predicts for the future of our economy, workforce development, and whether we are headed towards a repeat of 2008.

    Kara Moncrief, Director of Clinical Communications at Viora, returns to the show to discuss trending Male and Millennial treatments to expand your practice, what men seek when looking for aesthetic procedures, and tips to gauge your patients’ evolving treatment interests over time.

    Andy Vutam, VP of Marketing & International Business for Suneva Medical, discusses current consumer trends and the shift from a desire for traditional aesthetic treatments towards regenerative approaches. Plus — hear Andy’s insight into how some of the key demographics and marketing targets have shifted in our rapidly evolving industry.

    Join Tim Sawyer and Warren Danforth for Part 2 of the conversation that picks up where the last episode left off. Warren discusses the current state of consumer sentiment, the economic impact of inflation, the supply chain, and more in medical aesthetics — plus how to avoid being a commodity with consistent brand messaging and communication.

    One of #TrueToForm’s most popular guests, Warren Danforth, returns to the show to discuss how to optimize practice efficiency during times of high growth. Warren unpacks how marketing & technology has evolved over the last decade, what providers can do to maximize success in today’s current state, and the utmost importance of putting ‘customer value’ first.

    “Power couple Michael & Loretta Zanetti, join #TrueToForm to discuss their inspiring journey from active duty military to opening up a successful medical spa in Tampa, FL. Tune in to hear their insight on the explosive growth the industry is experiencing, and how they have been able to differentiate themselves in a commoditized market, including:
    – How tattoo removal remains to be the foundation of their business & creates a gateway into higher-margin treatments
    – The importance of consistent, quality patient care over everything else
    – How aesthetic treatments can change lives, not just looks
    – Where the regulatory environment is headed with increased market penetration
    – How they’ve been able to elevate their business to where they are now booking 600 appointments a month”

    Chief Scientific Officer of Suneva Medical, Dr. Brian Pilcher, appears on this week’s episode to delve into the evolution of neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and regenerative medicine in the aesthetics industry. Tune in to hear the challenges that come with advertising regenerative treatments on Google, the emergence of patients experiencing ‘filler fatigue’, and why we are headed for an inflection point in terms of what will drive the industry forward for both provider and patient.

    Industry expert and international speaker, Kara Moncrief, shares her journey in aesthetics, drivers behind the current industry surge, plus her advice for choosing the right vendor partnerships to support the best training, technology & patient outcomes in your practice.

    Dr. Michael Gold returns to the show to share his personal & professional journey to becoming a world-renowned dermatologist. Dr. Gold unpacks why medical professionals should always continue to invest in their clinical & business skill sets, how choosing the right lasers can help differentiate your practice, plus the importance of having avenues for patients to finance higher-cost treatments, yet still get the care they deserve.

    Pioneer in aesthetics and CEO of Suneva Medical, Pat Altavilla, appears on this week’s highly anticipated episode to unpack how the last 16 months has impacted the current state of the industry today. Pat dives into the underserved Millennial & male markets, why your existing patients are the lifeblood of your business, and how regenerative aesthetics will play a key role in the future growth of this industry.

    CEO of MRP, Scott Carson, appears on this week’s episode to talk about the current state of energy based devices in elective medicine. Scott dives into how practices can purchase used capital equipment with a reasonable investment, how to manage operating costs more efficiently, plus his advice for providers entering the marketplace & how they can choose devices more effectively to better serve their patients.

    Internationally recognized medical expert focused in women’s health, hormones & cosmetic medicine, Dr. Jennifer Pearlman, joins Tim Sawyer to talk about the unique business model she’s built for her Toronto-based practice. Dr. Pearlman shares how to stay resilient during uncertain times, the importance of transparent patient communication, and why it’s critical to be proactive vs. reactive in business.

    Partner of OJM Group, Attorney & Wealth Management Expert, David Mandell, returns to the show to talk about the importance of implementing systems & processes to maximize value, how to effectively position your practice for the end goal, and why you should always stay focused working on your business vs. just in it.

    Partner at the ByrdAdatto law firm, Brad Adatto, joins #TruetoForm to talk about the velocity of start-up med spas in 2021 vs. years prior, legal tips for getting your practice set up the right way, and the importance of always starting with the end goal in mind.

    Business partners of the Revenue Doctors, Nathan Strom & George Scandalis, join Tim Sawyer on this week’s episode to break down how practice owners can grow their business in today’s digital world. Tune in to hear some powerful marketing statistics in today’s current landscape, how to leverage video to drive patient leads & the importance of keeping education at the forefront in your practice.

    One of the most important lessons learned from the challenging 2020 year was the power of retail in your practice. In this episode, Master Trainer & Director of Education for Dermaconcepts, Candace Noonan, breaks down the importance of having a strong retail component in your business and why branding your skincare the right way will set you apart in this industry.

    Owner of Idaho-based Spa35, Warren Danforth, returns to the show to talk about how stimulus money is driving patient interest at his medical spa. Hear what specific treatments are in the hottest demand, why your brand positioning should determine your pricing, and the importance of maintaining a strong marketing message in 2021. Click here visit Spa 35 Med Spa.


    Licensed Chiropractor and Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Jeffrey Farrah, talks about his shift from traditional chiropractic to a more focused approach of providing true concierge care. Dr. Farrah unpacks the importance of having strong entrepreneurial acumen, how incorporating BHRT has been a game-changer in his practice, plus his advice for providers looking to transition more towards a cash-based business.

    A leader in innovation, entrepreneurship, and cosmetic medicine, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan unpacks his tips for creating an effective marketing plan for your practice. Learn how to effectively educate to grow credibility with potential patients, the importance of building your internal database, and how to improve conversion through implementing powerful price transparency tactics in your practice.

    Internationally renowned and double board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Andrew Campbell joins us this week on #TrueToForm to unpack how leadership and risk-taking have attributed to his success as an entrepreneurial surgeon. Dr. Campbell also dives into the impact COVID has had on his business and the drivers behind why his surgical practice experienced their businest month yet in January 2021.

    CEO of Acara Partners, Francis Acunzo, joins this week’s episode to share the evolution of medical spas into what has now become a recession-proof industry. Tune in to hear his expert advice for increasing revenue this year in 2021, how to properly budget your marketing, and the importance of working capital, especially during today’s uncertain times.

    One of our most popular guests and successful practice owner, Warren Danforth, returns to the program to share his perspective on what the medical aesthetic landscape will look like this year. Warren dives into how his med spa has been performing, what changes he’s seen – plus the impact of stimulus, working from home, and what he believes will drive consumer demand in 2021.

    Internationally renowned plastic surgeon & med spa owner, Dr. Stanley Okoro, returns to the show to delve into the driving factors behind how he’s managed to almost triple his practice volume this past year, including the vital importance of building long-lasting relationships with your strategic partners to help set your practice up for success for the long haul.

    Industry insider, Tyler Terry, breaks down powerful ways to shift & adapt your marketing to meet the needs of the modern aesthetic consumer both in & out of the practice, as well as how to leverage technology to deliver the ultimate patient experience.

    Bryan Durocher, Founder of Durocher Enterprises, shares his expert financial tips to plan for success — including how to maximize cashflow through gift cards & memberships, capitalizing on the retail & e-commerce opportunity, plus the top technology platforms to invest in to boost profitability in 2021.

    Host Tim Sawyer sits down with returning guest and Practice Management Consultant, Terri Ross, who delves into why sales is the lifeblood of building a sustainable business in elective medicine. Tune in to hear why its all about mindset, and simple, yet powerful changes you can make in your practice to be more efficient, more productive, and most importantly, more profitable.

    Returning guest, Dr. Mark Tager, shares pearls of wisdom for how to become more influential & authentic in-person and on camera. Tune in to hear his expert tips for conducting effective virtual consults, how to make video work in your practice, and invaluable presenting tips for speakers of all levels within the elective medical community.

    Robert Bruce, co-founder of Balanced Bodies Anti-Aging, dives into how his practice has adjusted throughout recent months to continue to provide exceptional patient experiences amid an ongoing pandemic. Hear his words of wisdom including the importance of selling what you believe in & at the end of the day, “just do right,” & treat patients the way they want to be treated.

    Board-certified OB-GYN and founder of Pellecome, Dr. Enrique Jacome, dives into the evolution of BHRT in today’s modern elective medical industry. Hear expert tips around successfully integrating hormone therapy into your existing scope of services, and how it can improve not only the quality of life for your patients, but also the quality of profits for your practice.

    Industry experts recently weighed in on the newly released guidelines from the American Medical Spa Association during an exclusive #VirtualPracticeWorkshop originally held on October 15th, 2020. Tune in to hear what they had to say and how these guidelines can potentially impact your practice & the medical spa industry at large.

    Kelly Engelmann, founder of Enhanced Wellness Living, dives into her unique practice model, including how she empowers her patients to live long, healthy lives through a proactive approach to integrative medicine. Also hear the ins and outs of building a booming business, including why your team is everything & the importance of baking an attitude of resilience into your practice culture.

    “Rhode Island-based med spa owner, Brittany Iafrati, FNP-C, shares her journey from working in the ICU to finding her true passion as an aesthetic nurse injector.
    Hear her biggest advice for start-up providers, the importance of growing organically & why you should always fit your practice to your patients, not the other way around.”

    CEO of Androgenix, Zach Breakey, appears on this week’s episode to talk about the importance of putting patient loyalty above all things. Zach delves into how he built true brand recognition in his local community, the importance of treating people right, and why a patient’s best interests should always come first.

    Dr. Mary Christina Simpson, CEO of SeaMist MedSpa & mother of four, shares how she built her successful Rhode Island-based aesthetic practice, including why learning balance is key & the utmost importance of staying true to your brand.

    Warren Danforth returns to #TrueToForm to talk about the biggest drivers behind why modern consumers buy in aesthetic medicine, including the impact that emotions have on purchasing behavior & how you can convert more patients by adding perceived value.

    Practice Manager of Nashville-based Franklin Skin & Laser, Sarah Bengelsdorf, unpacks how perseverance, consistent staff training & culture cultivation has lead to their success in taking a small practice with just one employee & transforming it into a thriving business, with two locations, over 15 energy-based devices, and 12 full-time employees.

    Internationally-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Stanley Okoro, returns to #TrueToForm to give a rundown of why you need to be running your practice like a business. Dr. Okoro delves into the importance of community involvement, how to shift your social media mindset & how telemedicine has dramatically improved his consultation conversions since the lockdown.

    Christina Imes & Ellen Dumbovic bring a breath of fresh air to #TrueToForm to share their strategies for staying dialed in & mentally focused during today’s turbulent times. Tune in to hear the trends they are seeing on both the surgical & non-invasive side of cosmetic medicine, the importance of leveraging vendor relationships & how to effectively capitalize on the spike we are seeing in consumer demand.

    Dr. Louis Malcmacher returns to #TrueToForm to share his unwavering enthusiasm & positivity in what may be a dark time for many people. Hear insight behind why practices are seeing an unexpected uptick in consumer demand for aesthetic treatments and why he believes the last couple of months have truly been some of the strongest times ever for the elective medical community as a whole.

    #TrueToForm welcomes back leading healthcare attorney, Brad Adatto, who dives into the most common compliance mistakes practice owners are making today, including how to avoid them to prevent costly business disruption in the future.

    Warren Danforth, owner of Spa35 — voted Idaho’s #1 medical spa — shares his experiences since launching his practice back in 2006, including proven tips for scaling your business during a crisis and how deeper connections can be made between patient & practice.

    Successful practice owner and nationally recognized master injector & trainer, Tara Delle Chiaie, talks about how to be resilient in the face of adversity. Tune in to hear how she leveraged her background in primary care to keep her New Hampshire-based practice relevant during the shutdown, how to shift your “sales” mindset to deliver a red-carpet experience every time, and why she firmly believes aesthetic medicine is essential for the overall health & well-being of her patients.

    Host Tim Sawyer has a heart-to-heart conversation with our #TrueToForm family to reflect back on what the elective medical community has endured over the last four months. From how to channel anxiety to improve your business, lessons learned along the way, and the critical role that patient communication will continue to play in the future of your practice, this episode serves as a reassuring reminder for all of us to keep pushing forward.

    Jenny Lamothe of Lakes Dermatology, dives into how their Las Vegas-based practice is performing post-pandemic, including why they had one of their busiest months yet this past June. From their most-requested treatments, COVID-19 practice tips, and their unique philosophy behind educating patients to convert more sales, this episode shares an encouraging message for other aesthetic practices navigating today’s new normal.

    Celebrity surgeon does rare interview with Tim Sawyer: Discover the philosophy behind the success of the most recognized plastic surgeon in America — his big why, his vision for the future of less sales & a more efficient, direct doctor-to-patient experience. Bonus – he also shares his favorite rapper!

    One of our most popular guests, Kristy Murrow, PA-C, returns to #TrueToForm to share her experience since reopening her Oklahoma City-based practice, Mariposa Aesthetics & Laser Center, on May 1st. Tune in to hear real data on how her patient business is performing 30 days later, the lessons learned along the way, and the #1 thing she attributes to the success of her practice, post COVID-19. This is an episode you won’t want to miss…

    David Pataca, Executive Regional Director of leading aesthetic device company, Candela Medical, comes on this week’s episode of #TrueToForm to share his perspective, thoughts, and insights on the future of the elective medical industry — including why chaos creates opportunity for those who capitalize on it now.

    Award-winning Beverly Hills dentist, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, comes on this week’s episode of #TrueToForm to share why finding and sticking to your passion is the most valuable investment you can make to your business. Also, tune in to hear some practical tips around patient hygiene and safety you can implement in your practice today.

    In honor of #AutismAwarenessMonth, Clementine Bentley, successful practice owner and skilled esthetician, joins #TrueToForm to talk about her journey from being born with Fragile X autism to becoming a driven entrepreneur in aesthetic medicine. Tune in today to hear her inspirational story in one of our most powerful episodes yet…

    In today’s world full of economic challenges and uncertainty, Dr. Jill Lezaic comes on #TrueToForm to share a much-needed, positive message with our community of listeners. Tune in to hear how today’s pandemic has impacted her Florida-based aesthetic practices, yet why she firmly believes her business will emerge even stronger after, in all things…

    Leading practice management consultants & father-daughter team, Jay & Mara Shorr, join #TrueToForm to share their step-by-step approach to surviving & thriving during COVID-19. Tune into this week’s episode to hear expert tips around planning for the future & what to focus on now to weather the storm – including why you should never, “let perfect get in the way of good.”

    Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Top Doctor of Texas and owner of The Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of South Texas, Dr. Thomas Jeneby, shares his secret sauce behind building a social media empire, including the importance of authenticity. Also – hear expert tips around practicing telemedicine to cope with COVID-19, and some keen words of advice for fellow practice owners going through this difficult time.

    As small business owners, it’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us with increasing force each day. CEO of The Esthetics Center of El Dorado Hills, John Wheeler, dives into why culture, core values, and leadership will play the #1 role in sustaining the long-term success of your practice when we all eventually emerge from COVID-19.

    Dr. Susan Wilder, founder & CEO of LifeScape Premier, unpacks her unique holistic approach for improving overall patient health — something critical for all of us right now given today’s current climate. Also hear the proactive measures she has taken to address COVID-19 & some tips for sustaining & protecting your practice during this turbulent time.

    Lifelong entrepreneurs, Steve & Joniann Marchese, share their inspiring journey behind founding LightStim — now the largest manufacturer of FDA-cleared LED light therapy medical devices. The power couple also opens up about some personal experiences, revealing the tried-and-true benefits that LED light therapy can have on patient results both in & out of the office.

    Host Tim Sawyer chats with David Mandell, attorney & wealth management expert from nationally-known firm OJM Group, about today’s most heightened topic — the coronavirus. Gain insight into the projected impact this outbreak will have on our economy, as well as some valuable investing tips for physicians & entrepreneurs in elective medicine.

    Board-certified OB-GYN and founder of Pellecome, Dr. Enrique Jacome, dives into the evolution of BHRT in today’s modern elective medical industry. Hear expert tips around successfully integrating hormone therapy into your existing scope of services, and how it can improve not only the quality of life for your patients, but also the quality of profits for your practice.

    Host Tim Sawyer chats with leading healthcare attorneys Michael Byrd & Brad Adatto, in which they share expert advice around ensuring your practice is operating in legal compliance, including how to keep your practice’s patient data fully protected when working with third party vendors.

    Licensed Esthetician and Master Trainer for DermaConcepts, Candace Noonan, walks listeners through her step-by-step checklist of how to improve retail sales in medical aesthetic practices. Through sharing what ignited her passion for skincare early on, Candace delves into the most effective ways to motivate employees, improve patient loyalty, and why skincare represents a profitable gateway into more revenue opportunities than just one…

    Financial expert & CEO of Fortis Medical Group, Anthony Castore, breaks down his proven methodology for maximizing profitability in elective medical practices. Tune in to hear valuable tactics & tips for managing cash flow, the importance of KPIs & how much money you should really be spending on marketing to ensure your practice grows in the right direction…

    Host Tim Sawyer brings Crystal Clear CEO, Adam DeGraide, back on #TrueToForm to address the alarming challenges that have come to light since Google’s most recent ad ban on some of the most popular elective medical treatments. Tune into this week’s emergency episode to learn the pitfalls to avoid and effective strategies you can implement today to prevent damage from Google, Facebook, and Instagram policy changes now, and in the future.

    Dr. Mark Turshen, co-founder of Direct Doctors — the first & only Direct Primary Care practice in Rhode Island — sits down in-person to chat with host Tim Sawyer. Dr. Turshen sheds light on the evolution of healthcare in today’s digital age, how Millennials are changing the industry, and his inspiring journey from traditional medicine to becoming a self-made entrepreneur. Also – hear why he attributes BELIEF to the roaring success of his unique primary care business model.

    Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, board-certified plastic surgeon and founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health, dives into the importance of applying statistical data to all aspects of practice management. Tune in to hear valuable tools you can use for improving lead generation, patient conversion, and retention — including the secret behind how he grew his email database by 4,800% in just six years.

    Kicking off 2020’s first episode, Tim Sawyer returns as host and chats with Dr. Edward McLaren, an entrepreneurial Prosthodontist, who talks about the industry-wide convergence of aesthetics & dentistry, and its true relevance to all practices of elective medicine. Hear insightful advice around building self worth, scaling yourself & how we are all wired for growth — both in business and life.

    Host Tim Sawyer chats with successful aesthetic dentist, Dr. Pauline Le, who shares how Instagram has transformed the way she empowers and connects with patients. Hear her journey behind becoming a social media influencer, retaining a loyal community of followers, and the importance of creating the “power of the moment” with patients — both in and out of the office.

    In the final episode of #PracticeManagementMonth, host Tim Sawyer chats with our EVP of Training, April Linden, and Renee Smith, Director of Operations for Buckhead Plastic Surgery and co-owner of Slim Studio. With over 20 years of industry experience, hear Renee’s tips & tricks for managing Millennial employees, creating an effective team culture, and why your people make or break your practice’s success.

    In the third episode of #PracticeManagementMonth, guest host Adam DeGraide chats with Tami Pickens, President of insurance company, ISU-ARMAC. Hear expert advice around ADA compliance, choosing HIPAA-certified vendors, and the importance of having cyber liability coverage — as well as the detrimental consequences that can surface if you do not.

    “In the second episode of #PracticeManagementMonth, respected authority, Terri Wojak, talks in-depth about the significant role skin care plays in the success of any modern aesthetic practice.
    Hear expert tips for motivating employees to sell value over price, the importance of staff education, and Terri’s proven formula for increasing profits through effective retailing.”

    In the first episode of Practice Management Month, host Tim Sawyer chats with Crystal Clear’s EVP of Training, April Linden, and Joni O’Leary, VP of Marketing for leading hair restoration practice, Ziering Medical – who provides a step-by-step blueprint in how to effectively grow your elective medical practice. Also, hear powerful insight into what has attributed to the success of their thriving practice, including the value of CRM for increasing conversion, the importance of knowing your numbers, and why you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

    Power couple, Rob and Carol Trow, owners of DermaConcepts USA — the exclusive distributor of Environ Skin Care — share profound pearls in how to maximize the retail revenue opportunity in your practice. Hear expert advice around choosing a trustworthy skincare partner, the quandaries surrounding private labeling and online retailers, and why the people you hire are just as important as the services you offer.

    From student to teacher, Dr. Stephen Cosentino – founder of Empire Medical Training – shares what drives his passion to continually educate and train our industry. Hear why sharing knowledge is power, and why you can’t build a thriving practice without a thriving team.

    Successful plastic surgeon, father of three, and Columbus Business First ’40 Under 40′ award recipient, Dr. Stephen Nogan, shares his experience in transitioning from university medicine to private practice. Hear the value in hiring honest people, developing real relationships with patients, and what drives his MO of always remembering the WHY and staying true to his roots.

    This week, we are taking #TrueToForm to another level with special guest, Christy Perry, who brings nearly 30 years of experience working inside several high-profile plastic surgery practices. Christy shares one-of-a-kind insight about her passion for patient care, the most challenging hurdles, and why you should never lose sight of your unique value proposition, no matter how distracting things may get…

    Triple-board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Samuel Lam, shares his experience in why great leadership, smart hiring, and persistent learning lay the foundation for building a booming business. Hear the story behind his personal journey, how his parents inspired his career, and Dr. Lam’s words of advice for the next generation of docs to, “hurry slowly” — Festina Lente!

    Board-certified physician, Dr. Nicole Norris, appears on this week’s episode of True to Form to share how she successfully transitioned from practicing family medicine to pursuing her dreams of opening up a medical spa. Hear her challenges, expert advice, and her unwavering belief in doing, “whatever it takes” to achieve your goals, both in business and life.

    In this week’s captivating episode, Dr. Louis Malcmacher, shares his unique story behind what ignited his passion to start the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE), what drives his motivation to improve the standard of training industry-wide for physicians, nurses, and dentists – AND how family life keeps him young. Bonus – hear expert tips on how to make injectables a profitable focal point in your business, and some exciting news about the launch of the AAFE’s newest training course, the Medspa Business Academy — coming to a city near you!

    This month, Google made yet another alarming announcement (cue the tears…). Beginning October 2019, Google will officially put a ban on paid advertising for some of the most popular elective medical treatments. While the sky might seem like it’s falling, luckily, we’re here to catch it. Tune into this week’s emergency podcast episode to find out what services will be affected, what Google’s massive ad ban means for you, and what can be done today to minimize the damage.

    Host Tim Sawyer sits down with the Forever Student, Dr. Laurence Rifkin, who talks in-depth about the infinite value of learning, the importance for cosmetic dentists to always work inside their scope of excellence and training, and his unique method of blending science and art to create natural-looking beauty.

    Owner of Rejuvenate Med Spa and successful entrepreneur, Christina Imes, joins host Tim Sawyer to share details inside her journey from stay-at-home Mom to multi-million dollar business owner. Christina sheds light on the key economic drivers of her med spa revenue, the importance of building relationships with your medical reps and staff, and why it’s paramount to, “hire for your culture, not for the talent.”

    Accomplished board-certified plastic surgeons and owners of Restore SD Plastic Surgery, Dr. Trent Douglas and Dr. Katerina Gallus, join host Tim Sawyer to share their unique story of how a friendship turned into a profitable partnership. Learn about the core principals they still stand behind to this day and what has attributed to the success of running a private practice in the highly competitive marketplace of San Diego, CA. Hear how to leverage social media to increase patient connectivity, their take on the proliferation of non-invasive technology, and some valuable advice to young plastic surgeons entering the private sector of aesthetic medicine.

    Host Tim Sawyer sits down to chat with Dr. Mark Tager, published author and CEO of San Diego-based ChangeWell Inc, which assists healthcare companies and practitioners with improving presentation skills. Listen to expert advice on the value of authority marketing, finding your worth, and how to become more influential as a practitioner with not only just your patients, but also on the internet. BONUS – hear public speaking tips from both Dr. Tager and Tim Sawyer, two highly sought-after speakers in the elective medical arenas.

    Managing Partner of Mariposa Aesthetics & Laser Center, Kristy Murrow, P.A.-C, sits down with host Tim Sawyer at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas to share her powerful story behind creating a multi-million dollar aesthetic practice during the Great Recession. Hear her secrets to success & pearls of wisdom when it comes to start-up med spas, branding, purchasing the right equipment, as well as building a winning culture & team.

    Owner of Ozark Regional Vein Center, Renew Aesthetics at Pinnacle Point, and RealSelf Top Doctor, Kevin Haney, joins True to Form to talk about his professional journey from aspiring veterinarian to world-class physician. Dr. Haney shares his personal take on the importance of customer service, the power of being yourself, and why your people are your practice’s best advocates. Host, Adam DeGraide, also brings in Alex Talley, Dr. Haney’s Marketing Director, who shares valuable insight as a Millennial on the world of marketing and the changes he foresees coming in elective medicine.

    True to Form host, Adam DeGraide, joins Dr. Larry Moray, owner of The Happy Tooth – a North Carolina based practice specializing in orthodontics, cosmetic, and family dentistry. With over 10 locations across the state and growing, Dr. Moray talks about his journey to success and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Hear insight on the evolution of technology, his passion for giving back, and Dr. Moray’s strong belief in the power of hard work.

    Top dermatologist and owner of North Dallas Dermatology, Dr. Mary Hurley, joins host Tim Sawyer during this week’s informative episode. Recognized as one of the, “Best Doctors in Dallas,” by D Magazine for the past 15 years, Dr. Hurley talks about the evolution of her practice and her unique approach to the application of combination therapy to achieve natural-looking results. Dr. Hurley also shares expert advice on investing in the right laser to treat your patient base, as well as the secret ingredient in creating a world-class experience.

    Guest host Adam DeGraide joins medical spa entrepreneur, Darren Thornley, for the fourth and final episode of our exclusive VCS series. As the owner of Delta Laser & Skin Care Centre, Lougheed Laser Centre, and Guelph Medical Laser & Skin Centre, Darren shares how he broke into the aesthetic industry as an outsider, and the journey behind building three profitable practices throughout Canada. Hear some expert tips and the mistakes to avoid, from successful businessman and avid world traveler, Darren Thornley.

    One of the top ENT and facial plastic surgeons of Texas, Dr. Daniel Leeman, and his Marketing Director, Ruby Leon, join host Tim Sawyer to share invaluable insight into what has attributed to the roaring success of their Austin-based practice. From effective social media tips to how to create a winning culture and team, you won’t want to miss the key takeaways in this powerful episode.

    True to Form guest host, Adam DeGraide, sits down with Dr. William Mack, Tampa-based oculoplastic & facial cosmetic surgeon. As the owner of The Mack Cosmetic Center, he shares insight on the patient experience, his practice’s unique selling proposition, and his balance between being a business owner, father of four, and local basketball coach.

    RealSelf top doctor, owner of Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery, and triple-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Gregory Chernoff, joins True to form guest host, Adam DeGraide, at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery to share stories of his 25-year long journey, where he started, where he is now, and his insight on the future of modern medicine

    True to Form guest host, Adam DeGraide, catches up with double-board certified plastic surgeon and owner of Georgia Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Stanley Okoro, at Vegas Cosmetic Surgery. Locally known as, “The Bow Tie Doctor,” Dr. Okoro shares his personal experience and MO on how to run a successful practice and create a five-star patient experience.

    Leading healthcare attorney, Brad Adatto, partner at the ByrdAdatto Law Firm, sits down with host Tim Sawyer to share his expertise and legal advice in how to ensure your practice is operating in line with federal and state regulatory compliance.

    Host Tim Sawyer chats with successful Millennial and Crystal Clear Marketing Director, Audrey Neff in this week’s no-filter episode to gain industry insight straight from the horse’s mouth. Hear her thoughts, choices, turn-ons, and turn-offs, when it comes to choosing an aesthetic provider and tips to grow your Millennial patient base.

    Board-certified plastic surgeon, RealSelf top doctor, and owner of Athena Plastic Surgery, Dr. Avron Lipschitz, joins host Tim Sawyer to discuss how to build a thriving aesthetic practice based on facts, not feelings. Dr. Lipschitz shares the true power of passion and the vital importance of running your practice as a BUSINESS.

    Host Tim Sawyer chats with Dr. Jennifer Pearlman of Toronto, Canada, who is a leading expert in all facets of anti-aging, wellness, and aesthetics. Dr. Pearlman is also a national contributing health expert to the Globe and Mail Newspaper, Huffington Post, and has numerous television and publication appearances.Listen to her fascinating insight on the evolution of hormone therapy, as well as the importance of genetics in the creation and delivery of Precision treatment protocols to sustain youthfulness and vitality during the natural aging process. Dr. Pearlman’s passion, in-depth knowledge, and relentless commitment to excellence are on full display throughout this powerful episode. Tap into your natural flow to live long and live well!

    Multi-practice owner and anti-aging expert, Dr. Michael Bedecs, takes you step-by-step on how to effectively and profitably integrate hormone replacement therapy, retail, and a world-class patient experience into your practice. PLUS – expert advice on the shift from insurance-based to cash-based medicine so that you, too can control your own destiny.

    Vanessa Florez joins host Tim Sawyer to talk about her path to creating a network of over 1 million social media followers and the excitement surrounding the upcoming Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo.

    Dr. Michael Gold, founder and medical director of Gold Skin Care Center, Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa, The Laser & Rejuvenation Center, and Tennessee Clinical Research Center, joins host Tim Sawyer to share his insight on everything from finding the right mix of technology, fillers, neurotoxins, and skincare products, to create a world-class modern medical practice.

    Crystal Clear President, Tim Sawyer, chats with AmSpa Founder, Alex Thiersch, and the Expert’s Expert, Terri Ross of Terri Ross Consulting, about the key takeaways from the 2019 MSS and the exciting changes going on in the modern medical spa community.