Tanya Atagi, MD, FACS


Having come from a large plastic surgery practice that used antiquated software and was swimming in paper charts, Dr. Atagi did not want her staff affected by the shortcomings of an outdated medical office.

Because of this, she opted to go paperless from the beginning. Not only was Dr. Atagi and her staff more efficient because of this decision, patients continually commented on how beautiful and uncluttered her office is when compared to other medical offices.

Using patientNOW, Dr. Atagi was able to easily share before and after photos with her patients, have a beautiful and uncluttered space without endless charts and file folders, and increase product sales and revenue. She also saw many more patients coming in for repeat visits and was able to cut down on no-shows.

“The software was amazing when we started and keeps getting better. Training, service and support are top notch.”

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